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My Training Partner Couldn't
Believe the Size I Put On In 4 Weeks.
He Swore, I had to be juicing.

My regular training partner, Stephen, and I had been on different work schedules for the last 4 weeks. He called on Monday morning wanting to resume our previous training schedule at 6:00 p.m. When he walked into the door, his mouth almost hit the floor. All he could say was "AWESOME"!!!

Then came the 10th degree routine. "I thought you were committed to training natural. How did you transform your body in such a short time? Just how did you put on so much muscle?" asked Stephen. I assured him, I was totally clean.

Gain 30 lbs. in 4 Weeks?

  "Come on man, you look like you put on 30 lbs.," Stephen insisted. No, actually only 12 lbs. but, I did lose 3 inches in my waist. I told him my new training partner had turned me on to this NITRO2MAX. He, being a sports nutritionist, explained that hard training robs your body of nitrogen and muscle glycogen. That in order for you to gain muscle mass as quickly as possible, you must provide your body with more nitrogen than your body burns each day to stay in a positive nitrogen balance.

When you train hard, your body must have extra nitrogen, so you can stay in a positive nitrogen balance all day and all night... to fuel muscle growth.

Creatine Provides No Nitrogen

Now creatine doesn't give you nitrogen, DHEA doesn't give you nitrogen. Neither does HMB or CLA give you nitrogen. Only NITRO2MAX 4000 speeds over 4 grams of dietary nitrogen per serving your muscles need to achieve optimum growth, faster recuperation and improve performance.

Burn Body Fat For Energy

Plus, NITRO2MAX provides a perfectly balanced combination of the highest quality premium protein plus essential vitamins, minerals, nitrogen optimizers and high performance carbohydrates. This helps replenish vital muscle and liver glycogen stores so you don't burn out as you build up your muscle mass. This allows your muscles to tap into stored body fat for energy and achieve a harder, more ripped physique.


Number of servings to take per day to
reach your Muscle Building Goal
Weeks 2 4 8 12

5 lbs. 3 1.5 1 .5
10 lbs. 4 3 1.5 1
15 lbs. - 4 2 1.5
20 lbs. - 5 3 2

Proven Results!

Researchers have proven in case after case that just 3 servings of NITRO2MAX can increase muscle mass 5-10 lbs/week during training (see chart above). Studies by doctors and scientists have repeatedly shown that supplementing the diet with nitrogen promotes a number of positive side effects- faster rates of growth being one of them. This is just what your muscles thirst for in order to fuel muscle growth.

In a nut shell, NitroMax-2 is suitable for people, who require additional calories, protein, MCT's, vitamins, and minerals, such as athletes or bodybuilders to maintain a positive nitrogen balance needed to keep the body from dipping into its own muscle tissue (catabolism) to get nutrients it needs (like protein). Look over at the chart to the right to determine how to supplement NitroMax-2 to reach your muscle building or weight gain goals.

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